Frequently asked questions

Can I really choose my own dimensions for my furniture?

Yes, at no extra charge. The only limitations are practical ones. For example, you wouldn`t make a table five feet tall. However, this doesn't mean that for example you can make a small table into a dining table and still expect to pay the same. Twelve inches give or take seems to be enough for almost any situation. Get in touch if it isn't.

What about color and finish?

We will send you finished samples of a piece of the specific material you have chosen, for your approval after your order is placed but before it has been crafted. We will often have these available free of charge upon request also.

You mentioned wireless charging. How does that work?

You may opt to have any horizontal surface or section thereof made with this feature. Just place your (appropriately equipped) device in the specified area and it will charge with no cable required. We will include this costed option upon request. Works really well for console tables and nightstands!

What happens when built-in tech features no longer work or become obsolete?

You can always send your furniture back to us to have new features or functions updated. We have a dedicated research team which works to keep current with trending technological change while bringing the benefits of this to you. There may be times when we would send you the parts and complete instructions for user instal if you feel comfortable with that. We may even be able to update an existing item that you did not get from us! Just call or email to discuss pricing and options.

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