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" Joinery, being the assembly of wooden parts to form a whole, often without     the use of nails, pins, screws, or any other kind of fastener. "


Our Journey

Our company is the result of the coming together of a European-born woodworker and a team of like-minded individuals to create Authentic Joinery. Our mission is to produce doors, furniture, and interior accents. Quick fixes, shortcuts, and mediocre artistry have no place in our work. We have a defined and very detailed set of rules which we follow when crafting anything, irrespective of the price. These are self-imposed and go further than industry standards to ensure quality.

For us, the term “solid” means made only from the kind of wood specified in the description. This term is often used to describe items made from engineered lumber, meaning multiple layers of different types of wood glued together. 
We mean it when we describe your doors or furniture as made from solid wood. When you examine something we have made, you will see some features that you might miss at first glance. For example, we use square cornered hinges secured with slotted screws.


Why does this matter? Because traditionally, trained craftspeople installed hinges and locks which were squared off. Lesser quality mass-produced doors have rounded off hardware held in place by short cross head screws because the manufacturing process can be less exacting if you don’t want to take those extra steps. Those square corners and slotted screws are some of the many ways you can recognize real quality in our woodwork. 

" We know of only one way to make what you ask of us, and that is with obsessive attention to excellence and detail."

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